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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Seein Spots Farm Currently Closed to the Public because of zoning issue has enjoyed Seein' Spots Farm over the years.
The owners, specifically Linda as well as her husband and daughter have always been friendly and welcoming to our children and the requested donation was minimal considering the array of animals that we were able to interact with.  We have also taken our extended family and grandparents and had a great time.

Unfortunately, this is the current message posted on their website:

*** We are very sorry, but Seein’ Spots Farm has to close to the public.  The county has granted us an extension with the unexpected condition that public visitation be limited to the “donkey breeding and sales operation.”  We will do everything possible that we can to re-open.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you all,  Linda Marchi

Here is a petition link posted on their website.