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Monday, December 22, 2014

Mission Santa Ines. The self guided tour and gift shop.

Mission Santa Ines
1760 Mission Drive • Solvang, CA  93463 
(805) 688-4815 

Taking the tour of the Mission is a must for anyone visiting the Solvang Area.  Your visit starts out with noticing the structure adjacent to downtown Solvang.  There is ample free parking and then you walk right into the gift shop were you could purchase the very nominally cost self guided tour.
Our family of four only cost us 10 dollars (Winter 2014).   We love the fact that there were so many artifacts from the time period. in front of Mission Santa Ines. (Weissler 2014)

Another Great Visit to Ostrich Land

We have been to Ostrich Land many times.   I only have positive things to say about the place.   When you get there you park in the small (there has always been space though) parking lot in front of the main entrance.   The entrance also serves as a gift shop.  It is here that you buy your food to feed the birds.  There are two types of birds to feed at Ostrich Land.  There are Emus and Ostriches.

An ostrich greeting us at Ostrich Land (Weissler 2014)

Pea Soup Andersen's Inn

Our first visit to the Pea Soup Andersen's Inn exceeded our expectations.  We have seen the motel/hotel many times throughout the years.   The front desk desk of Pea Soup Andersen's Inn was especially nice.
We spoke to the owner who was especially nice and place our group of three families all on the same level.
One of the first things we noticed was the sparkling pool.

The Pool at Pea Soup Andersen's Hotel      (Weissler 2014)

The Pea Soup Andseren Inn also provided incredible service even after we left the hotel.  My daughter left her Nintendo 3DS and she was very concerned.  Lets just say that it arrived in a package a day later thanks to the vigilant staff at the hotel.